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The programming language in CeeBot is very similar to Java, C++ and C#. It has been developed especially to make learning programming easier. Its syntax may seem somewhat complex, but the idea is to learn a well-known programming technique. All knowledge acquired here can be used in everyday professional programming.

Here's a sample of the instructions used in CeeBot :
if/else   Choice structure
repeat   Repetition structure
for   Repetition structure
while   Control stucture
do   Control stucture
radar   Object detection
direction   Work out a direction
distance   Calculate a distance
wait   Wait
move   Forwards (+) or backwards (-)
turn   Turn left (+) or right (-)
goto   Go to a specific position
motor   Direct commands for the motors
jet   Direct commands for the jet propulsion
message   Display a message
pendown   Lower the pen to start drawing
penup   Lift the pen up to stop drawing
pencolor   Color of the pen
penwidth   Size of the pen's tip
grab   Take an object
drop   Put an object down
fire   Shoot with the robot's weapon
receive   Receive data from an information post
send   Send data to an information post
class   Declare a class
public   Indicates a public function
private   Indicates a private field
static   Indicates a static field
new   Creates a new instance
this   Refers to the current instance
This instruction is used to draw on the ground. The robot has a pen that leaves a line behind it when it moves. You can define the line's width and color.
pendown(Red);  // Use a red pen
repeat(4)      // repeat 4x
  move(20);    // draw a straight line
  turn(90);    // turn 90 degrees left

Some bots have a swivelling arm that can pick up and move objects.
object item;
item = radar(Titanium);  // find metal
goto(item.position);     // goto to the metal
grab();     // pick up the metal
move(-10);  // reverse 10 meters
drop();     // put the metal down
Some bots have a canon used to destroy training targets or undesirable insects.
while(true)     // repeat forever
  motor(1,-1);  // turn right
  fire(2);      // shoot for 2 seconds
  motor(-1,1);  // turn left
  fire(2);      // shoot for 2 seconds