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Each CeeBot program has over 50 progessive exercises. CeeBot4 has got even more than 100 exercises and missions.

SCHOOL version

The SCHOOL version is a site licence which allows you to install the programm on all computers within one school. Once installed, you don't need the CD to run the program. A switch can prevent access to the solutions, so pupils aren't tempted to "cheat" themselves through an exercise. You can also lock access to the program's options.

When you order the SCHOOL version of CeeBot4, you will also get an additional version with the solutions for the teachers and the STUDENT version, which can be given for free to all your students.

A CeeBot schoolbook consisting in worksheets and a reference part is also included in PDF-Format.


PERSO version

This is a monopost version for private use, for learning programming in self study. You have to insert the CD to run the program. Solutions are always available.

Minimal configuration

It is particularly important to have a good 3D graphic adapter for maximum performance.

300 MHz CPU
64 Mb RAM
3D graphic card with 16 Mb RAM
100 Mb free disk space
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98 or 95
DirectX 8

If necessary, CeeBot will install DirectX 8.
Recommended graphic cards :

nVidia GeForce 2, 3 or 4
Matrox G400, G450 or Parhelia

Some graphic chips in notebooks will not provide satisfactory performance.

3dfx Voodoo graphic adapters are not officially supported, but they may work (no guarantee).