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Within CoLoBot, programming often may help you to speed things up during your missions. But there is also a section in the game that contains only programming exercises. There you can learn the basics of an object oriented programming language similar to C++, C# or Java. Every thing you learn in this part can be applied in the missions.
In this example, the student has to write a basic for loop to destroy six targets. The targets are placed side by side, with an equal distance between them.

The integrated editor is powerful: it features syntactic highlighting and quickly locates typing errors.
In order to help debugging programs, the student can execute his/her creations step by step, watching the evolution of the variables and objects as the program executes.
Exercises are richly illustrated.

If you are more attracted the programming than to play the misisons, you should rather go with CeeBot, a special version of CoLoBoT that contains no missions but much more exercises. Click here for more details.

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