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This forum is dedicated to the exchange of CoLoBoT programs. You may download programs for free by clicking on the yellow buttons on the left side. You may also send us your own creations by clicking here.

In addition to this you may subscribe to the CoLoBoT discussion mail list by sending
an e-mail message containing the word SUBSCRIBE to

How to proceed
To download a program, follow these steps :

Click on the yellow arrow on the left.
In menu File, choose Save as.

Save the program in the folder program where CoLoBoT has been installed. Usually, this folder is c:\Program Files\Colobot\program. Create the folder program if it does not exist.

Start CoLoBoT.
Select a robot and open the program editor.
Click on the Open button.
Check Public in the dialog.
Select the file in the list and click Open.

List of programs
All programs provided here are without any warranty of any kind.

  Program description Robot type Author e-mail
Télécharger le programme Guard program for PhazerShooter. Put it somewhere (preferably high), activate it and watch it never miss moving targets up to 80 meters away. PhazerShooter
Télécharger le programme FieldRefuel -- The purpose of this program is to extend the range of attack bots. It takes them too much energy to get out in the field to have to go back and refuel, so I just let them run as they will and have this program running on a dedicated bot all the time. WingedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Safe Cracker ! Any
Télécharger le programme Run this program and 10 ants surround your SpaceShip - don't be afraid, these are tame as sheep. They'll meet around and then go mind their own business elsewhere.
Rename this program as "Society.txt" and copy to BOTH directories, "program" and "script". Bring them as pets to 1st Moon scenario, these ants *love* TitaniumOre.
Télécharger le programme All unit's speeds All
Télécharger le programme Improved ant killing program. Only big bug is following: when started on mountin it will maybe do nothing-manualy led this bot to nearest flat surface(altitude 0-5). It has lot of bugs, but not important. Tested on tropiva and Saari demo. WingedShooters
Télécharger le programme New version bug fixed. Now work better. All
Télécharger le programme An all inclusive list of every item in colobot! Every thing you ever wanted to find in colobot, you can use your radar to find ANYTHING in the game; plants, bots, items, ruins, etc… I also have listed the dimensions of every object, the height and the radius. I also included all the programs I wrote to help me find this data. Enjoy! All
Télécharger le programme This is newradar procedure, it detect everything on map, so you don't need to build special building, new version work fast. All
Télécharger le programme This is my version of radar, now you can look everywhere on map, even if you don't have radar builded. All
Télécharger le programme This program is intended to help tower recharge problem. With this program WeeledGrabber (also TrackedGrabber) will stay and scan power levels of Towers. If power falls below 1/3rd it will move to the tower, take empty cell, put a full one into it and take the empty cell to the Power station to recharge. This program can serve many towers. Tested on 3 towers ;-) WheeledGrabber and TrackedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Permet a un robot demenageur de se recharger par station ou recherche de pile - dans le cas d une pile, choisi la meilleure et revient a sa place d'origine au moment du lancement du script. Grabbers
Télécharger le programme Other categories which can be searched for using "radar" or "search" functions. All
Télécharger le programme Harvesting program; harvests several types of objects. Winged (preferred)
Télécharger le programme Attaque tous ses alliés. WheeledOrgaShooter
Télécharger le programme Line of Site. Any and all
Télécharger le programme An improvement from my previous aiming program. Now compensates for both pitch and roll. Reports warnings for shield, temperature and energy in percentages. All shooters
Télécharger le programme Advanced program for creating robots. It gets Titanium, takes it to the bot factory, waits 25 seconds, gets a full power cell, puts in the new bot, and moves so the bot can get out. Also, if a power station is in the level, it recharges a power cell to put in the bot. All grabbers
Télécharger le programme Program for research centers. It detects a power cell, grabs it, checks to see if the cell is full, if is isn't, it takes the cell away and searches until it finds a full one. All grabbers
Télécharger le programme This is cybernetic aiming program. It allows you to manually pilot a shooter and then fire with computer accuracy. Run this program rather than hit the fire button when manually controlling a shooter or orgashooter. This is a modification of code fragments from the alienkiller program made by Yenz. Pitch correction helps aiming in non-winged bots. All shooters
Télécharger le programme A cool repair program for Shielder. It will repair all buidings and bots. Good if you want to quickly repair entire base tedious-free. Shielder
Télécharger le programme A cool Shielder program. When it detects the presence of nearby enemies, it will automatically activate it's defensive shield. You can also move a damaged bot near the shielder, and it will automatically repair the bot (it is ideal to place the shielder near towers). Shielder
Télécharger le programme A cool hunter/killer/attack program. It has a hybrid design, permitting air units to either 'hover' or 'dive bomb' (depending on the situation). Ground units and self maintenance are also supported. All shooters
Télécharger le programme My first complex air fighter program.Effective against all types of enemies (except AlienQueen, of course :) ).Will recharge and repair itself when needed. Need some feedback on this one. All winged shooters
Télécharger le programme Another cool TowerService program. Designed for multiple bots + multiple towers. If you plan on using multiple bots, you will need to build an ExchangePost (pick up patch 1.7 if you already haven't done so). It will also work for 1 bot + multiple towers and no ExchangePost. All grabbers
Télécharger le programme A cool TowerService program. Designed for 1 bot + multiple towers. All grabbers
Télécharger le programme A cool UraniumOre collector program. Supports up to 2 bots without causing traffic jams (they wait in line at NuclearPlant if already occupied). All grabbers
Télécharger le programme A cool TitaniumOre collector program. Supports up to 2 bots without causing traffic jams (they wait in line at Coverter if already occupied). All grabbers
Télécharger le programme More undocumented features; mainly deals with a complete (hopefully) operator table with description and syntax of each. All
Télécharger le programme My new attack program. Aiming and enemy seeking has been improved. It works with all shooters (legged, winged, etc.) against all enemy races (ant, wasp, etc.). Because there is a bug with pitch value not being recognized correctly while in 1st-person camera view, I recommend switching camera view to 3rd-person for best results. Happy Hunting! All shooters
Télécharger le programme Smooth/swooping "target" flyer for Moon Flying Skill level. All flyers
Télécharger le programme Automated Flying/Shooting for Tropica Shooting Drill #1. Flies smoothly finding shortest navigable path. Efficient - makes it back to Ship without overheating. No "wait()", "turn()" or "goto()" used. WingedShooter
Télécharger le programme The last of my general pourpose programs. This one huts down Urainium and converts it to power cells. Like all my other programs, This on only works for grounded robots, and like all my others The robots auto recharge/switch power cells when they are low. All non-flying grabbers
Télécharger le programme This is my basic titanium gathering/converting program. Works really well. Like all my other programs, robots charge when they need to. All non-flying grabbers
Télécharger le programme This program is my improved tower cell changer. It works for all your towers with a single robot, and the towers have very little down time (maybe 10 seconds), Requres one Energy cell above 80% in a 400 Meter radius to work properly. Nuclear or regular. All non-flying grabbers
Télécharger le programme This is my hunter killer progam. It is specificly designed for ground based things however it could be modified to include flying things. My geometry sklls are a lil flaky so the origonal attack position sometimes doesnt work exactly right, But it really rains death well on the bugs while being VERY energy efficent. (Also Repairs/Recharges) All Shooter/orgaShooter Ground robots
Télécharger le programme Undocumented functions, read it and be amazed... All
Télécharger le programme Aiming program that incorporates many features not encountered before, including 'deflection shooting'. All shooters
Télécharger le programme This little program detects all instances of a category. Furthermore, it reports a compass bearing and a distance for each of them. All
Télécharger le programme ServiceTower2: More efficient program for Volcano #2 (Analysis). All grabbers
Télécharger le programme Need a bodyguard? With this program, your shooter will follow you anywhere and, if the situation arises, attack any enemy who comes near you like a faithful watchdog. Use this program to escort your grabbers or, even better, make your shooters guard each other to form a coordinated assault (but have one shooter as the "leader"). All shooters
Télécharger le programme A good defense program. Designed for levels like "Invasion", where time-wasting micromanagement can get you killed. With this program, you're shooters will defend a given spot while you safely do other things. They will also recharge themselves when damaged/low energy. Park your shooters at a strategic spot, run this program, and be worry free. All shooters
Télécharger le programme An exceptional jetfighter algorithm. With this program, you shooter is an ACE and can swoop in for the kill like a hawk. Highly manuervable and optimized for sharp cornering. Very good for mountainous terrain, where ants hide on opposite side of hills. Works with non-winged shooters and against all enemy types. All shooters
Télécharger le programme Best program to give energy to the winged shooters. The grabber will get a power cell, reload it if necessary, go to the winged shooter and reload it. Works even if the WS has no battery and knows to get power cells from the power plant. All grabbers
Télécharger le programme Bug with NuclearPowerCell not being recognised, here is my modified uranium collection program. All grabbers
Télécharger le programme Kills aliens efficiently. WingedShooter
Télécharger le programme This is a walkthrough program for the third moon mission in the demo. Just build the PowerCenter and run this program on both bots. The WingedGrabber will go get the black box while the WheeledGrabber clears room on the SpaceShip for it. WheeledGrabber, WingedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Third program in my walkthrough series. This is for the flying skill mission in the demo. Flys through the targets automatically. No manual actions required other than loading and starting the program.
Télécharger le programme Second walkthrough program for the first moon mission in the demo. Use the same program for the WheeledGrabber and the WingedGrabber. You must manually build and activate buildings.
WheeledGrabber, WingedGrabber
Télécharger le programme First in my series of walkthrough programs. This program is for the Earth mission in the demo. All possible tasks are automated. Load the same program into the WheeledGrabber and the TrackedGrabber. Only manual tasks are to run the buildings and move the astronaut to the spaceship.
WheeledGrabber, TrackedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Hunts ants. Only lands when it has to, shoots ants without stoping or landing. Also returns to base for power and health as needed. WingedShooter
Télécharger le programme This is a rough stab (my first) at a WingedShooter program, and it seems to work fairly well on the last mission of the demo (ants on the hill one). If you improve on it, or have any comments, send me an email, and please include your improved version if you have one. WingedShooter
Télécharger le programme Ce programme sert à détruire les guèpes, araignées et fourmis par un programme.Ce programme est une compilation et amélioration des programmes des exercices.Il comprend en plus un contrôle de la température, de l'état de la pile et de celui du bouclier. Le programme détermine quelle sorte d'ennemis il y a, puis détermine le plus proche. Il peut servir dans toutes les missions ou il y a des ennemis. Les messages sont en français. WingedShooter et WingedOrgaShooter
Télécharger le programme Efficent ant hunter. Aims directly at ant instead of aiming level. Holds beam on enemy until dead. checks power and health. WingedShooter
Télécharger le programme Got yo back, is a program for grabbers to team with shooters in order to keep a constant flow of power for them. Works well with stand and fight program. Flat ground works no problem, on hills however sometimes the grabber has trouble getting stable enough to make switch. All Grabbers
Télécharger le programme Autowrecker, this program will set the Recycler to recycle all wrecks. He will recharge when his power cell drops below half. this program worked great for Ant hill mission. Just watch he doesn't start up the hill before you clear his way of ants. Recycler
Télécharger le programme Feed the factory program. Will seek out Titanium, and put in factory, send notification. Get PowerCell, go and charge it. Deliver to factory, and notify. Loop while resource exists. WingedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Offensive / defensive turret program. Corrected problem were z coord < # caused firing at enemies well out of range. Works great. All Shooters
Télécharger le programme Makes a bot follow 'Me' (You;) All
Télécharger le programme Handy offensive program. Move your winged grabber to behind any robot with an empty power cell. This program will switch cells, take the empty to be recharged and return to the original position. Good for offensive moves... WingedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Stationary turret for shooting ants. All Shooters
Télécharger le programme Displays the total number of objects of a specified category. All
Télécharger le programme Collection of functions to position bots relative to another object.
GotoStart may be flaw due to lack of testing.
All so far
Télécharger le programme Centinel WingedGrabber. It helps with bots maintenance... like a metalic majordomo ;o) It also takes care of itself. WingedGrabber
Télécharger le programme Small program to attack ants or spiders with WingedShooter. May be it need a bit of improvement...
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Send us your programs
All programs provided here are without any warranty of any kind. If you find an error, or if you improve an existing program, don't hesitate to send us your version, which will then in turn be available for improvement...