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Download the patch 1.8 for retail version (2.8 Mb). You can install the patch over any previous version.

Version 1.8

New exercises
New chapter 7 containing 3 exercises about classes and inter bot communication (Remote control #4 to #6).
CBOT programming language
The overall documentation has been greatly improved.
With the new instruction "static" you can now declare static variables in a class definition which is particularly useful for inter bot communication.
You can use the new instruction "synchronized" in class definitions to allow execution of a method by only one bot at the same time.
The instruction "public" is now documented and works correctly.
With the new instruction "private" you can protect class members from being used from outside the class.
New instructions "file", "open", "close", "writeln", "readln", "eof" and "deletefile" for file operations.
New instructions for string manipulation "strlen", "strleft", "strright", "strmid", "strval", "strfind", "strupper" and "strlower".
Members of the object class are now readonly. E.g. you can't write anymore item.temperature=12.
Built-in CBOT Program editor
The buffer of the program editor can contain 20000 characters instead of 10000.
Ctrl and Shift no more get "stuck" on certain computers.
Ctrl+A selects the whole content of the the program editor.
When an information exchange post is selected, the display of the values it contains is updated in real time.
goto towards a ResearchCenter now always works.
When the background sound volume is set to zero the CD tracks are no more played at all.
In the last mission on Terranova (Alien Queen), all ants now move correctly.

Version 1.7

Two new exercises (#3-9 and #6-3) with the new instruction "send" and the information exchange post.
The astronaut can build an information exchange post.
New instructions "send", "testinfo", "deleteinfo", "flatground" and "abstime".
New member lifeTime in Object variables.
Object.range does not depend any more on the camera.
User levels can be installed easily in the "user\" folder. Download the PDF file which contains explanations on creating user levels. Two user levels are included in this patch.
Type "bool" is equivalent to "boolean".
Several small bug fixes in the CBOT programming language.
The "extern" instruction is documented.
Documentation uses now the correct terms "EnergyCell", "NuclearCell" and "GoalArea".
The default graphic mode doesn't use T&L (Transform and Lightning) anymore which corrects certain problems on ATI boards.
Image fading in and out works better with certain 3D boards.
Help on programming is now available in the exercices.
Colobot programs are automatically saved as soon as you quit the editor.
The initial "nag" screens can be skipped by pressing any key.

Version 1.3

The "goto" instruction into a BotFactory (for example for putting a titanium bloc inside) now works in all situations.
The "errmode" instruction is documented.
If a power cell is removed from a ResearchCenter during an ongoing research, the center will no longer stay blocked.
Bug fixes in game saving.