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Your mission
In BuzzingCars you carry out various missions. Speed and driving skills are essential to drive like crazy. But sometimes it is more advisable to use your mind.
Here are some of the 28 available missions:
Training mission. Slalom as fast as possible and don't touch the landmines.
Silly Robots
When the central computer hangs, the Robots go berserk. Find a way to restart the two central computers by using your flying car.
Move a bomb from one place to another before it explodes inside a huge industrial complex.
Make those noisy musician robots shut up by using the water cannon.
No to torture
Stop all those horrible robot torture devices.
Get three robots out of a lake and get them repaired.
Ghost car
When you race against the clock check out the ghost car to break your own circuit record.
Kill the King 
Electrocute the royal body guards and then kill the alien king.