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You can use CeeBot-3 to teach programming to children from 11 years on. The students use a language close to Java and C# to program a robot that will draw still or moving pictures. CeeBot-3 is a complete educational tool that will do most of the teaching by itself. The teacher's task will be to assist the students in their creative enterprise.

CeeBot-3 features more than 100 exercises in 25 chapters. They allow a smooth progression from the first instructions to programming complex moving pictures. Every concept is introduced in a series of exercises that will be less and less directed, leaving more and more room for the creativity of the students.

Still pictures

Programming a drawing robot is generally considered as an efficient tool for teaching the basics of programming. However recent developments in computer technology allows us to make this process more attractive than in the past, when the creations were generally limited to monochrome line drawings.


Modern computers allow the creation of moving pictures, simply by drawing several pictures, which will then be displayed one after another in order to create a film. You can also add a sound track made of several different sounds that are played at various moments of the animation.


Every exercise is explained in an illustrated text. With hypertext links you can access additional information, or a library that contains useful chunks of programs.


The programming language used in CeeBot3 involves typing with the keyboard the instructions that the program is made of. Several mechanisms help the student in this task. Whole pieces of the program appear ready to use when the editor is opened to enter the program. Highlighting instructions with colored background allows an immediate syntax check. The status bar displays valuable information about the syntax and allows immediate access to the corresponding help text.


It is possible to execute the program while keeping the editor open. This allows the students to perceive an immediate link between the program and the resulting actions of the robot. The debugger displays the position of the robot, the content of the variables and what instruction is currently being executed.

See programming language, interdisciplinary work and pedagogy.
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