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CeeBot-Teen is great for adolescents aged 10 to 15.
Move See the program

The first exercises require the player to program a miniature robot so that it can move around a basement filled with a collection of odd objects. The instruction move will enable the robot to move forward in a straight line. The instruction turn will make the robot point in another direction. The player can use these instructions in a variety of ways, learning the concept of sequencing by trial and error. He will also familiarise himself with the syntax of computer programming.

Square See the program

The drawing robot is equipped with an arm that contains 8 different colored crayons. The instruction pendown lowers the selected crayon, and the instruction penup raises the crayon. The player starts by learning how to draw lines and squares, then
moves on to more and more complicated drawings.

Repeat See the program

Once the player has mastered the basic principles, he can take a robot into an outside environment for the first time. Four targets have been spaced at regular intervals around the environment. With a repetitive instruction, the player must learn how to destroy the targets. Each time the robot will advance the same distance, turn and fire at the targets.

Find See the program

In this exercise, the player has to find and move garbage that's been left in the environment. Then he will have to eliminate the garbage according to the substance it's made of. Plastics will go to one place, metals to another. This constitutes an excellent introduction to the concept of conditional branching if.

Maze See the program

Moving a robot around in a maze is an old classic. Here, the robot will use the incorporated radar to detect gates or openings in front of it. According to the presence or absence of obstacles, the robot will turn or move forward. The player can experiment with other mazes as well.

Variables See the program

After having learnt how to draw a house of a certain dimension using variables in the programming, the player will learn how to alter the size and shape of the house by changing the variables. The idea is that the same program can be used to solve different problems.

Drawing See the program

Last but not least, the player will progressively learn how to make more and more complex drawings by using repetitive designs. The drawing robot has 8 available colors. One way to draw is by using the robot in freestyle. The program is recorded as it goes, and can be repeated or modified later.