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User levels Forum


This forum is dedicated to the exchange of user levels. You may download levels for free by clicking on the yellow buttons on the left side.

You need the retail version 1.7 (or later) to be able to use the user levels. If you don't have version 1.7 you can download it.

How to install a user level
For install a user level, follow these instructions :

Click on the yellow arrow at the left side of the level and download the .zip file containing the level.
With the Windows Explorer open the folder where Colobot is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Colobot\).
In this folder you create a folder called user if it doesn't already exist.
The full path of this folder is C:\Program Files\Colobot\user\ (or what ever folder Colobot is installed in).
Create a folder in the user folder. You can give any 8 characters name to this folder.
For example: C:\Program Files\Colobot\user\sample01\
Unzip the content of the downloaded .zip into this newly created folder.

List of user levels
All levels provided here are without any warranty of any kind.

 Level descriptionMissionsAuthor e-mail
Télécharger le niveauNEW: Asteroid, Forced landing, written by Jonathan Picard (54 Kb).
Download level

NEW: 6 fantastic missions set on planet Jinx, written by Hans Martin Hansen from Denmark (56 Kb).
  1) Rebuilding...
  2) ....and rebuilding...
  3) Now watch it !!
  4) The tides are in...
  5) Prepare for departure...
  6) The chase...

Download levelFlying Drill, written by Jacinthe (3 Kb)
Download level"Official" user level made by EPSITEC (1.8 Mb).
This level contains two missions "Alert" and "Mc Gywer ".

Send us your levels
If you want to make your user levels available to other players please send us a .zip file containing the contents of your level folder (user\Yourlevel) to A PDF file containing the documentation on how to create userlevels is available for download.